Allies & Morrison Masterplan 

In late 2013 Epping Forest District Council commissioned Allies and Morrison to undertake a Masterplan Study for North Weald Bassett. The study, which was published in 2014, considered a number of different options for approximately 500, 1,000, and 1,500 homes in North Weald Bassett and identified the most appropriate sites for future development around the village. One of the most suitable sites identified by the Study was 38 acres within the 500 acre Ongar Park Estate, which Peer Group is promoting to deliver 300 new homes.


The Allies and Morrison study demonstrated that the expansion of the village to the south and east would help maintain its traditional ‘rectilinear’ shape and form. In contrast, development to the north and west of the existing village will cause significant sprawl into prime agricultural land, high quality Green Belt and open countryside.


Since 2014, Peer Group has promoted the same two sites that were put forward by Allies and Morrison in their study. There has been much misinformation and local rumour suggesting that Peer Group may be promoting a larger development on its estate. That rumour is without any foundation. Equally, there has been speculation that public access to the Ongar Park Estate might be diminished. Again, this is entirely incorrect. Public access to the Ongar Park Estate will be maintained and enhanced.

In the plan above, taken from the Allies and Morrison report, the red land is identified and recommended to the Council as the most suitable for development, followed by the orange land and lastly the yellow land.
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