Ongar Park Estate

The plan below shows the site which Peer Group is promoting for allocation in the Local Plan, compromising 38 acres for up to 300 homes in accordance with the sites identified by Allies and Morrison on behalf of the Council in 2014. The site is on non-agricultural or low quality agricultural land and is entirely within Peer Group’s freehold ownership and control.


This is the first time this site can be brought forward for residential development. Blakes Golf Club’s lease can be terminated by Peer Group on 12 months notice and the golf course can be reconfigured to maintain the facility on adjacent land in Peer Group’s ownership.


The local benefits include:

  • Much-needed new homes and community facilities.

  • New public open space for existing and future residents.

  • Protecting prime agricultural land in North Weald Bassett.

  • Preserving the traditional ‘rectilinear’ shape of North Weald Bassett.

  • Meeting the Council’s sequential approach to site allocations.

  • Peer Group has a track record of providing high-quality residential developments and supporting and working with the local community.

Aerial plan of North Weald Bassett, showing our promoted site outlined in red.
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