Why Ongar Park?

  • As identified by Allies & Morrison, on behalf of Epping Forest District Council, the Ongar Park Estate is the most suitable and sustainable location for future housing development in North Weald Bassett.
  • Peer Group has ownership and control of the
    entirety of its estate, including Blake’s Golf Club.
  • The site is previously developed low-quality Green Belt land, which is not in agricultural use.
  • The Council’s own policy towards sequential site selection favours land to the south and east of North Weald Bassett in preference to the high quality agricultural land to the north and west of the village.
  • An independent Green Belt appraisal demonstrates that the site does not perform a strong Green Belt purpose.
  • Peer Group has a track record of delivering high quality new homes in North Weald Bassett and gifting land to benefit the local community.
  • Supporting Peer Group’s proposed site will not remove or reduce the public access which is already afforded to the community by way of footpaths and bridleways that cross the estate. These were documented with the Council in 2007.
  • The openness and long distance views from the high ground on the Ongar Park Estate will not be reduced as a result of this development.
  • The site is located within the heart of North Weald Bassett close to the existing neighbourhood centre and village hall and could provide and enhance additional retail, leisure or employment facilities.
Aerial plan of North Weald Bassett, showing our promoted site outlined in red.
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